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Welcome to Tequila Sunrise: The First Kiss!



Ooh, don’t you just love the first kiss between hero and heroine? All that sexual tension leading up to the moment they finally give in to the desire…Here’s the first time between Lou and Toby in Tequila Sunrise, the first book in the brand new Cocktail Cruise novella series:


 “You’re gorgeous.” Toby ran his fingers down her arm.

            Lou closed her eyes for a second and let his words rest in the air between them. How long had it been since someone had told her that? Or kissed her in a way that made her not want to come up for air? His hand made its way to her wrist, along her fingertips, then to her waist.

            “I’m really glad you went to the speed dating.” He moved his chair closer to hers.

            “Me too.”

            His breath fell hot on her neck. Then a kiss, so gentle his lips barely skimmed her skin. Followed by another. His mouth continued to graze the skin below her ear, moving in agonizing slowness to her neck, while his hand traced a circle, hip to the small of her back to the edge of her belly and back again. Slow. Tantalizing. His lips matched the movement along her jaw, finally reaching her mouth.

Sparklers of excitement went off inside her head. Lou couldn’t believe she was doing this, making out with a guy she’d just met, in the open night air. Cass would be so proud of me…

But she couldn’t think of her friend for longer than a second, the way Toby was touching her. Lou turned in his arms. “You’re driving me crazy.”

            “Good. You’re doing the same goddamn thing to me.”

His hands went to the back of her head as he pulled her in for another kiss. Hot. Slow. The squiggles in her belly turned to an inferno.

Remember, you can get your $0.99 copy of Tequila Sunrise for a limited time – but only until the next book in the Cocktail Cruise series comes out, next month!

Allie Boniface
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