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The Practice Date–an excerpt from Afterglow





afterglow ecover smallThe second of the comedies featured in the new Live, Laugh, Love collection is Afterglow. The story has been called unusual, because the heroine, India isn’t a sweet young ingenue. She’s a fifty two year old kindergarten teacher who’s life has been turned upside down by her divorce. Of course, she finds the perfect man in hero Mitch.Only one problem, Mitch is twenty years younger than she is.

The road to happiness contains many a bad date and India’s best friend, Eva, is bound and determined to set India up with every eligible man in their small Massachusetts town. The first set up is a blind date with a guy named J Hank:

“It’s just one date.” Eva held out the package.
“Spanx?” I asked, reading the label.
“Don’t you watch the View? Oprah? All of Hollywood’s leading ladies are wearing it. It’s like a gym in a box. Tone without the trouble.”
I unwrapped the girdle-like contraption and held it up; doubtful it could do much besides make me uncomfortable. “And this man. This card you gave me. You called him?”
“On your behalf, yes.” I frowned at her as I’d been frowning at the girdle contraption.
“Well, someone had to.”
“Explain to me again why you won’t date him.”
“Rule one,” Eva said as though lecturing a child.
“Never date a man you do business with,” I recited.
“Correct. Also, rule two applies here. He’s a friend of Carl Phillips, who I dated, when was that? Anyway, rule two. Never date the good friend of a man you’ve slept with.”
“I didn’t realize that dating was so complicated.”
“Very complex. You’re a bright woman. You’ll catch on. And J. Hank is the perfect primer date. He’s a nice man, once you get past the whole prison thing.”
I dropped the Spanx. “Come again?”
“Strictly white collar. A few months for a little tax mix up.”
“Shouldn’t there be a rule about dating an ex-con?”
“Oh, for God sakes, India. Martha Stewart went to prison.”
Eva held up both hands as though she were the scales of justice.
“Insider trading, a little tax problem. Hardly the same as rape and murder. And you don’t have to marry him. In fact, more than one date is inadvisable. He’s just for practice.”
“Darling India, you haven’t dated in thirty years. J. Hank is good practice.”

 Live Laugh Love

Afterglow is one of three comedies in the Live Laugh Love collection. U

You can buy the collection at Amazon

More about Afterglow here


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