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ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER erotic romance PG-Excerpt #1

ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER erotic romance by Samantha Gentry.  He’s Mr. Right for the weekend–a hot stranger with sparkling blue eyes and a body made for pleasure.


PG-EXCERPT #1 (Casey and Jake meet):

“Are you here for the graphic artists’ conference?”

The smooth masculine voice cut into her thoughts. She looked up into sky blue eyes, set in ruggedly handsome features framed by thick sandy brown hair. He flashed a devastatingly sexy smile, causing her insides to quiver. An immediate image flashed through her mind, one involving this very desirable man—a definite testimonial to the current lack of sex in her life.

It took a moment before she finally found her voice. “No. In fact, I didn’t know there was a conference being held here.” But I’ll bet Jennifer did. Explains why she chose this inn and this weekend—the prospect of lots of men attending the conference. Maybe this won’t be such a disaster after all. “How about you?”

He looked around, then settled his gaze on her again. “Are you here alone?”

She smiled, suppressing an amused chuckle. “Yes and no. I’m supposed to meet my friend here for the weekend, but she got held up in San Francisco on business and won’t be here until very late tonight, or more likely late tomorrow morning. I’m not here alone for the weekend, but I am alone for now.” She allowed an amused chuckle. “That didn’t sound too convoluted, did it?”

His laugh joined hers. “I understood every word you said. I’m particularly adept at deciphering all things convoluted.”

She tilted her head to one side as she allowed her gaze to drift across his handsome features. “Not to repeat myself, but how about you? Are you here for the conference and are you alone?”

“Guilty on both counts. Would you consider me too pushy if I invited myself to join you?”

“Pushy? Yes, a little. But in spite of that,” she flashed a teasing grin as she indicated the empty chair at her table, “please do.”

“I’ll grab a drink and be right back.”

As he walked across the room toward the bar, her gaze gravitated to his retreating form. Nice butt. He looks as good from the back as he does from the front.


ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER  erotic romance by Samantha Gentry available at The Wilder Roses (the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance from The Wild Rose Press)

and numerous other online vendors.

More excerpts available on my website:


After the last Mr. Right turns out to be another Mr. Wrong, Casey Treadwell swears off relationships. Even her best friend’s efforts to set her up on a blind date are shot down. Nope, from now on, it’s hot sex with no strings. But then her friend suggests a trip out of town for a weekend of sexual fantasies come true, and Casey’s primed for adventure. And Fate is with her when she meets Mr. Right for the Weekend—a hot stranger with sparkling blue eyes and a body made for pleasure.

Jake Palmer spotted the woman of his dreams two months ago, yet Casey refuses to go on a blind date. Not easily deterred, he stages an accidental encounter between the stubborn beauty and a “stranger” at a seaside getaway. But Jake’s guilt over misleading her, combined with his fear of losing her when she discovers the truth, has him on edge. He has to tell Casey the truth. And he will. But first he has to get her to fall in love with him.


  1. Colleen C. says:

    Liking the sound of this book!

  2. Eva Lefoy says:

    Looks yummy Samantha!

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