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The Sausages are Ready!

Hi readers! Hope your summer days are filled with fun and laughter. I’m excited, because my new comedy, Confessions of the Sausage Queen was released just last Monday.

As Gran Lila would say, “Isn’t she a hoot?”

Confessions is the story of Mandy Minhouser, a small town girl, who, through no fault of her own, gets the job of CEO at the local sausage factory. And yes, she’s aware of the sexual innuendo. There are those who would like to shut the factory down and blame Mandy for it’s ruin, but Mandy has a lot of good hearted if slightly wacky friends willing to help her save the factory and the jobs of half the town.

It’s my wackiest book to date, full of crazy characters and goings on. Today, I’ll be posting a few never-before posted snippets. So I hope you’ll stick around.

And, just because it’s summer and Saturday and I’ve got a new book and the squashes in my garden are really big, I’ll chose one name from the comments. I’d send you a squash, but honestly, knowing how you love to read, I thought it would be better to offer up a book. So I’ll give the winner a choice of my romantic comedies in e-book (there are four, including the Sausage Queen, to chose from) to download for a lazy summer read.

You can buy your own copy of the Sausage Queen for about the same price as a sausage and pepper sandwich. And I can almost guarantee, it’ll give you more laughs than the sandwich. Though it may not be as delicious

Buy her at Champagne Books:

Or at Amazon:

Add her to your goodreads tbr pile–

Still not convinced? Read more at my website:


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