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Getting To Know D.J. Davis a Little Better. (Rated: 18+)

We asked D.J a few personal questions to satisfy your curiosity. Enjoy!


1. Favorite Author

I have so many that it’s hard to choose just one.  Always been a fan of Piers Anthony (I grew up on his Xanth novels), Terry Pratchett, Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan (rip) since I was a child staring in wide-eyed wonder at the fantastic stories on the page.  My newest favorites are Linnea Sinclair for her sci-fi works, Faith Hunter, David B. Coe, Misty Massey, and AJ Hartley.

2. Favorite Book

Another tough one.  I love so many books, but especially love fantasy and science fiction (especially space opera!) in many different sub-genres.  I guess the one that was most formative, as far as my desire to become a writer, was The Elfstones of Shannara.  Epic, triumphant, and bittersweet.  The first large novel I read as a child and after that, I couldn’t get enough.

3. Sweet or Salty

Both!  Salty caramel is one of my absolute favorites and I’ve even put a tiny amount of chipotle powder in my homemade caramel from time to time to give a bit of a smoky kick to my ice cream.  I know it sounds strange, but it’s amazing!  It’s like those desserts with bacon.  You wouldn’t think they’d work but they do.

4. Dream Vacation

Ireland, Ireland, Ireland.  Did I mention Ireland? 😉

5. Music or Silence

Both.  I love listening to music and singing, but I also enjoy my quiet times, especially if it’s with a good book.

7. Vanilla or Kink

Well, I definitely have a wild side behind closed doors. 😉  And many of my sex scenes are rigorously tested for accuracy.  You’re welcome.

8. Morning Bird or Night Owl

Night owl.  Or, at least I used to be.  Having to get up early to get the little one off to school sort of puts a crimp in that one anymore.

9. Half Full or Half Empty

Depends upon whether I’ve drank half of it or it was only filled halfway up.  And if it was, keep pouring; don’t be skimpy! 😉

10. Boxers, Briefs or Bare

Depends on the day and the weather. 😉  Though I’m more of a string bikini briefs sorta person.



The story jumps into the thick of things immediately and doesn’t let up until the satisfying climax.  It blends the darkness of a dystopian setting with a touch of the epic scope of sci-fi space opera and wraps it all up in the steamy scenes and happy ending of romance.  A nicely blended cocktail of love amidst a futuristic action-packed adventure.  I strive to write strong, believable characters that are well done and relatable, coupled with a solid setting, good worldbuilding, and plenty of action.





Kev Thorsin has returned from a twenty-year war campaign across the stars, battle-weary and ready to settle down with the woman he was forced to leave behind. Amidst treachery that’s left his transport ship a floating hulk, he learns his own world has been overthrown by a corrupt regime. He’s driven to return to the only woman that’s been on his mind since the day he left.

His fiancé, Rianna Elain, is in the thick of it back home with a group of freedom fighters known as Libertas headed by the charismatic Terrill Briggs, a flirtatious yet honorable man who wants to see the people free once more and will go to great lengths to see it through. They are on the run from security forces and a noose that closes tighter each day.

In the midst of chaos, the two meet once more and their love for each other becomes a raging fire of passion hotter than the sun, an unstoppable force.  Hope for their future together rekindles, along with desires long pushed aside. A plan is hatched to take to the stars, bringing the remaining members of Libertas and their families to a place where they can live in safety, far off the grid, if they can just evade evil forces and get off the rock—a task easier said than done.  But will they succeed in starting a new life beyond Tetraparagon rule or will they live out their remaining days in hiding from a hand that stretches into the very black of space?

Reader Alert!  Warning!  Strong characters, mind-blowing action and steamy sex ahead.  Side effects may include a racing heart; heavy breathing and a need to take a hot shower with someone you love.


To My Readers:  I love writing heroes and heroines who are strong and confident in their own right, but who become so much more together than apart, a partner they can rely on when the chips are down and the crap’s about to hit the fan in the worst way.  The action explodes from the first pages, hot and heavy, and carries you through to a climax both satisfying and thrilling.  I hope you enjoy While You Were Away, my first work with Red Sage, and will join me for many more to come.”


About the Author: In truth, D. J. Davis is the definitive team of awesomeness that is Daniel and Jayne Davis.  Daniel has been writing science fiction and fantasy since he could hold a pencil.  Jayne is his grounding force, a writer in her own right, and his go-to for advice and support, as well as his brilliant wife.  Always one to push the boundaries, Daniel strives to write quality science fiction and fantasy with a love story behind it that will excite and titillate.  This powerful duo hits the ground running with tales that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

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  1. Colleen C. says:

    Enjoyed the Q&A!

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