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And..A second excerpt from The Sausage Queen-

Here’s the second of my never-before posted excerpts from Confessions of the Sausage Queen. 

Muriel Grinowski, who married the warden of the correctional facility where her son, Stannie, was incarcerated. Gran Lila plans a reception for Muriel and her new husband. Mandy thinks, maybe, Muriel would rather not be fussed over.

I reminded Gran for the umpteenth time we had not been invited to the wedding. That, in fact, no one had been invited to the wedding, not even Stannie, who had lived in the same building at the
time. I suggested the reason for this was Muriel Grinowski Oshkowski did not want to be fussed over. Gran pooh-poohed this, but I truly believed it to be true. It was a feeling I well understood,
because when Randy and I ran off to visit Marion Regis, Justice of the Peace in Dunkirk, a few days before Sammy’s arrival, being fussed over was the last thing I wanted.

I know you are thinking I am being less than honest with you here. You are thinking about those bridal magazines displayed in the racks of Barnes and Noble and that young women all over the
country, nay the world, your town and mine included, have poured over those magazines and dreamed of dancing in a white dress with a long white train at a reception that featured seven swans a swimming.
I swear to you, I am not being disingenuous. I really, really did not want the fuss. My mother would have insisted on a mass, which would have entailed a conversion, my father would have
invited Finny McAllister, who would have played accordion at both the ceremony and the reception. There would have been bitter infighting because, while my father would think the Moose Lodge perfect for a wedding reception, my mother would have thought St. Stan’s hall better and Randy’s parents, Gerald and Angela, would have wanted the salmon plate at the Holiday Inn.
Above all, there was a chance my water would break at whichever one of those venues won out, making it quite the memorable occasion. No, sparing ourselves that trouble was one of
the best decisions Randy and I ever made. I am not in the least sorry to have missed the fuss.

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