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Ahoy! Pirates are here!

"When is a pirate not a pirate? When he refuses to ravish a perfectly willing captive." ~Lady Elise Clifton

“When is a pirate not a pirate? When he refuses to ravish a perfectly willing captive.” ~Lady Elise Clifton

Hold onto your skirts and hide your gold. The pirates are ready to plunder!

Good afternoon and welcome to the TRS Party Site Release Day. What a great occasion to celebrate, don’t you think?

I’m hyped because yesterday saw the general release of my latest story, Temptation Released. It takes place in the early 1700’s, off the coast of Carolina. The characters involve a headstrong neglected daughter of an earl (Lady Elise Clifton) and a smooth-talking Spanish pirate (Raphael de la Torres, “El Angel”). A cast of well-meaning friends and pirates rounds out the tale.

In this story, I take a bit of history, toss in pure eroticism, edge toward hard-hearted revenge and sprinkle the sweet taste of love throughout. What makes Temptation Released a fun read (in my humble opinion), is that Lady Elise is the one wanting the captain, while Raphael is doing is best to deliver his captive untouched. Their mounting tug-of-war of desire leads to interesting interpretations of what exactly constitutes the word “ruined.”

Click below for an excerpt where you can see for yourself Lady Elise’s determination to be in the captain’s bed.

“It is so blasted hot,” Lady Elise Clifton complained. She’d stripped down to her chemise and was pacing the cramped cabin, praying for a cool wind to slip through the tiny porthole.

“You could go up on deck, you know,” stated her companion, Brianna. “There’s wind there.”

“I know, but I have to make sure I’m packed. You go on ahead if you want.”

“I might. I’ve watched you go through this bag every day for the past week.” Brianna upended the cloth satchel and repacked it, naming each item as she did so. “Look, you have a pair of slippers, a day dress, a corset with your money sewn in, the breeches and shirt I stole from my brother for you, a brush and ribbons. Same as yesterday. Same as the day before. Nothing’s changed. Besides, if we are attacked, I’m sure the pirates won’t be gentleman like and ask for your luggage.”

“You’re probably right, but if I’m to go through with this—”

“If we’re attacked, that is.”

“Yes, if we’re attacked, then I want to be ready. I’ll not begin my new life empty handed and shy.”

“Like there ever was a shy bone in your body,” Brianna mumbled.

Elise heard and chuckled. “You know me well. And you do know what you’re to do if a pirate comes for us, right?”

“Do exactly what he says.”

“You sure you’ll be all right?”

“Elise, I’m here, aren’t I? I could have stayed in London, but I’m the one you’ve confided in all these past months. I couldn’t let you do this alone.”

Brianna’s brother, Elise had discovered several months ago, was a sailor in the British Navy, and he’d often write to Brianna with tales of the pirates they’d captured or those who had run away. When Elise’s father had determined she move to the colonies, Elise had paid closer attention and latched onto the tales, yearning to live the life of a pirate, a life full of independence.

“I’m this close,” she said, pinching her fingers nearly together, “to having the freedom I want, Brianna.”

“Well, your idea of freedom and mine are two different things. I still say we should have switched places. You could’ve been me and I would’ve assumed your identity. No one on this ship knew us when we boarded and surely no one will know us in the colonies. ”

“And you know I wanted to, but my uncle would recognize the falseness in an instant. I told you that my father sent him a portrait of me barely a year past.”


Brianna screamed. “What was that?”

Elise turned to the sound and rushed to the window. “Damn, I can’t see from here. It sounded like a cannon.”

Another shot rang out and Elise spun around. “I bet we’re being attacked,” she said excitedly. “It’s time.”

Elise caught Brianna’s wide-eyed stare and laughed. “Don’t look so aghast. You know this has been my dream for months. With any luck, by nightfall I’ll be onboard the pirate’s ship and, if things continue my way, I’ll be debauched, lying in the captain’s bed and free from marriage.”

“You’re crazy, you know that,” Brianna said, a tremor in her voice. “Remember my brother writing about how violent pirates can be? And smelly? And ugly? You could wind up dead in the pirate’s bed.”

“Enough,” Elise stated with finality. “I’ll take my chances. Besides, I don’t care what he looks like, I can close my eyes. I can breathe through my mouth if he smells, and as for violence,” she turned to the cot she’d slept on for weeks and picked up the red velvet dress she’d secretly ordered and held it up to her chest, “I believe your brother also said pirates like women. A lot. Why would he want to hurt her if she’s willing?”

“But you will get hurt,” Brianna said earnestly. Shouts could be heard now from the upper deck. “Don’t do this, please. I went along with this foolishness because you’re my friend. I prayed we’d make the crossing without issue. I never imagined we’d really be attacked.”

“Brianna, settle down. Everything will be fine. Now help me into this dress. I must look scandalous.”

Elise felt for Brianna. She didn’t want to put her friend into an uncomfortable position, but she was sure everything would work out. She’d read all about what men liked from women in that naughty book she’d discovered on the top shelf of her father’s library a year ago. At first horrified, she’d taken to studying the strange words and even stranger pictures, and after hearing sordid whispers that being captured by pirates could mean the ruin of a woman, Elise had become obsessed. Now that she knew about sex, and what ruination involved, and that pirates were so handy to do the deed, all it would take would be one kidnapping and she’d be free from the fiancé her father and uncle had betrothed her to.

“There,” Brianna announced, helping Elise tug the sleeve over her shoulder.

“How does it look?” Elise turned in a slow circle.

“Like you’re a courtesan.”

“Perfect. But…oh, damn. The chemise shows.”

“What? You don’t have time to worry about that now.”

Elise glanced up. Brianna was visibly shaking. Putting aside her concerns, she took a moment to pull Brianna into a hug. “I promise it’ll be okay. I don’t know how, but I do. Trust me?”

Brianna squeezed back, snuffled into a dainty handkerchief and nodded. “I know there’s nothing we can do now, but I’m so scared.”

“Honestly, me too. But we can’t let them know that. I believe if we can stand our ground, we’ll make it through whatever comes our way.”

Brianna inhaled deeply and pulled away. “You’re right, of course. I’ll be fine. The attack simply took me by surprise.”


The friends stared at each other for precious moments, then a loud thud from above stirred them into action.

“Now, let’s get me out of this dress so I can take off my chemise. This shouldn’t take but a minute.”

“We don’t have time.”

“Pshaw. There’s fighting going on. We both have heard that men love to fight. It’ll be ages before anyone comes to find us. Besides, doing this will keep your mind off of what’s going on up there.”

Elise had requested the dress be made so she could put it on without assistance, but she wanted to keep Brianna occupied. As well as herself. If she sat down and wrung her hands in wait of what would happen over the next several minutes, she’d scream.

Brianna helped remove the gown and had just finished helping Elise pull off the chemise when the cabin door burst open. Brianna screamed and Elise gulped, standing frozen in place, naked, with her arms above her head.


You can buy Temptation Released today from:

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Before I forget, I want to remind you about some exciting events surrounding this release and this party!

If you purchase Temptation Released from Totally Bound today, you’ll be sent a voucher toward 25% off your next week’s purchase!

If you want some great gifts like ebooks, keychains or paperback copies of traditional historical romance stories, you must join the fun in our Jolly Rogered Facebook party on the 15th (Tuesday).

If you comment on this TRS post (or any of my posts for this release party), you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $10 Gift Certificate from or (winner’s choice). I’ll announce and post the winner tomorrow.

Good luck, and easy sailing for ya ’til next time, me matey!



Ayla Ruse

~Ensnare yourself in love

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  1. Colleen C. says:

    Congrats on this release… I like pirates!

  2. Romance Reader Enthusiast says:

    I think Johnny Depp brought the sexy back to pirates. Congratulations on the release of this book. Looking forward to reading.

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