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Adult Excerpt from The Other Brother by Lucy Felthouse

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to be here for another fantastic release party. I had three releases in June so I’ll be sharing a snippet from each of them. To start with, here’s an adult excerpt from Calendar Men: Mr June – The Other Brother


The Other BrotherMelodie set her glass on the table, her thoughts whirring around her head. Someone could have poked her in the eye right then and it wouldn’t have registered. She could only think of him. About how she leaned toward him, how the leather of the couch creaked as she did so, how his cologne filled her nostrils.

Patrick hastily put his own drink down and watched her, a wary expression on his face, as though he saw what was about to happen, but couldn’t quite believe it.

After what felt like an age, their faces were very close, her intentions brutally honest. She couldn’t go back now. Clambering onto his lap, being careful of her injured hand, she kissed him. Tentatively, at first, with closed lips and stiff body. Within seconds, though, lust took over, driving her forward. Driving her wild. He waited a beat then responded, kissing her back.

Slipping her arms around his neck, she parted her lips, pushing her tongue into his mouth. She explored it, the sensuous slide of their tongues ramping her internal heat to maximum. He kissed wonderfully. Not too gentle or rough. Not too soft or hard.

They pulled apart. Sucking in much-needed oxygen, Melodie asked, “What about now? Do you want there to be someone?”

He appeared shell-shocked, but at the same time his eyes were heavy-lidded with lust. He blinked a couple times then his face became serious. “What are you saying?”

“I think you know.” She frowned. Why is he making me spell it out? Is he being deliberately obtuse?

Her lips tingled from the bout of kissing and she wanted to kiss him again, wanted to go further. Time to get the talking over and done with. “I’m saying that I want you. I don’t know how the hell it happened, and I sure didn’t expect it to, especially not with you, but I want you. I want to be with you.”

Patrick’s eyebrows almost disappeared into hairline. “Wow.” Running a hand through his hair, he released a breath. “Okay, well I didn’t expect that.” He frowned. “Hey, what do you mean, ‘especially not with you?’”

“Really? Out of everything I just said, that’s the bit you picked up on?”

“Afraid so.”

Typical. He would pick the most difficult part to talk about. “I mean because you’re Sean’s brother. He made me promise, you know, years ago, that if anything ever happened to him, I would find someone else, allow myself to be happy. But I’m pretty sure he never expected it to be with his brother. Your parents are not going to be very pleased with us, you know. Nor is the rest of your family, your friends. It’s going to be tough if we get together.”

“What do you mean, if? There’s no way you can kiss me like that, then us not get together.”

“Y—you mean, you want to get together, too? You want me?”

Lifting his hips, he pressed his erection against her. “What do you think?”

She giggled then stopped. “That’s great, it really is. But I can get sex anywhere. I want to know if you want to be with me. I’m not expecting a declaration of love or you to propose marriage or anything. But I want to know I’m not giving you my heart only for you to stomp on it.”

“Hey.” He kissed her knuckles. “Stop stressing. Melodie Carr. Are you crazy? I want you in every way. I want you physically, hell yeah I do, but…ah, fuck it. It’s more than that. It’s probably a little early for declarations of love, but I’m hopeful for the future. Fuck everything else, this is about me and you.” He squeezed her hand. “I don’t know how all this happened, either, but I don’t really care. I just care that it is happening.”

Her heart thumped faster. “R—really? So you want to give it a go?”

He chuckled. “Yes, I want to give it a go. Now, shut up and kiss me.”

Gladly, she did as he said and pressed her lips to his. The two of them had been through so much, they deserved to be happy. She pushed all the negative and difficult thoughts to the very back of her mind and concentrated on the here-and-now; on his lips, his arms around her, his hard cock beneath her.

Their mouths opened and their tongues began a dance, a sensuous and very erotic one. Sliding together, battling. She’d almost forgotten how it all worked, how to kiss, how to make love…but she’d figure it out, and fast. Her body already had. Tight nipples, heavy breasts, and slick pussy.

Then she stopped thinking at all. Her brain morphed into a pleasant, fuzzy kind of place while her hormones raced, her nerve endings exploded, and she became one big ball of blissful arousal. Patrick shifted, held her tight, and carried her to her bedroom. Or perhaps they floated.


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Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

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