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What You’re Missing: Seeing Me Walk Across the Stage With a Hunky Caveman in My Fabulous Regency Gown!

Greetings, all you TRS folks!

gown10Just thought I’d give you a peek at what you’re missing staying home during the Romantic Times Convention. You see, my extremely talented, loving, and beautiful mother is making me a Regency ensemble to wear in Kansas City (and also at the RWA Conference in Atlantic, in case some of you will be able to attend that one). The gown is pretty much finished, other than a couple of minor touches (such as improvising some way to hook up the back), and Mom is working herself to a frazzle to finish the lovely blue satin coat that goes with it.

Poor Mom! My dad keeps after her to get it done before I have to leave on Sunday (a three-day drive from central Florida). The gown itself is enough, as far as I’m concerned, but she dislikes leaving things unfinished. Besides, once I’m two thousand miles away, she’ll have to make informed guesses because I won’t be there for fittings.

She keeps telling me how much it looks like a wedding gown. Hint, hint. Sorry Mom! I’ll take the dress without the wedding. I prefer to think of myself as a princess…yes, there is a tiara if you look closely enough, but my hair isn’t done up in ringlets and you lose the effect.

But if you think I’m not looking forward to walking across the stage with a hunky Ellora’s Cave caveman with the other EC authors next Wednesday night, you are sadly mistaken. I’m thrilled! If you were there, you’d definitely recognize me, since the others will almost certainly be dressed for disco dancing, which is the theme of the party. But my editor, Raelene Gorlinsky, assures me that I can wear my Regency gown, since I write Regency romance for EC’s Blush Cotillion line.

gowncloseupIf you like traditional Regencies, you might check out Treasuring Theresa at All Romance eBooks. Like all EC titles, it’s half-price (that’s $1.25) during the month of April, but it’s available at other e-book retailers as well. At 45 pages, it’s a good lunchtime read, and you can find an epilogue (what happens after the happy ending?) and other bonus reads on my web site:

Write and tell me what you think of it. I love to chat with readers!

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mom_smile_edited-1P.S. If you’re interested in more info about “The Dress,” check out my blog series on Susana’s Parlour. It’s been quite an adventure for Mom and me, but I’m thrilled with the results!


  1. piperhuguley says:

    I love it and you look beautiful! Make sure to take the pic with the hunky caveman!

  2. Looks lovely! Now to find a dandy to stroll with.

  3. What a beautiful gown, and you’re mom is obviously a major talent when it comes to sewing! Have fun at the conference. Wow – a three day drive. That’s a very long trip, but I’m sure the hunky caveman will make it all well worth it. 🙂

    • susana says:

      Copied your comment and messaged my mom. She keeps saying that she’s operating beyond her ability, while I keep telling her that’s obviously not true. But if I’d tried to do it, it wouldn’t have fit as well as this one does; I’d be lucky if I could still WEAR it! I can sew on trim and do hems, but the rest is WAY beyond me!

  4. You are so beautiful & the gown is perfect to compliment your features. Since I can’t make it to your special event, I too want to see the pictures.

    I am thrilled that it looks so nice on you. The coat will be no less gorgeous on you.. Love, your mom and seamstress

  5. Sydney W says:

    You look gorgeous,and your mom is very beautiful and amazingly talented.
    Please pass my compliments to her and have fun!!
    Dont forget to post the pics 🙂
    sydney w

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