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18+ Excerpt #2; Make Me Burn (m/m) Avril Ashton

One of my favorite scenes from Make Me Burn, available at Amazon, ARe, B&N and Bookstrand.


The doorbell went off again and Jayce found his hand on the knob, turning it, pulling the door open. Sucker. He was a sucker.

Willing his twitching cock to stay still, he met Wes’ gaze with his gun at his side. “What?”

That icy blue gaze raked his body from head to toe, making Jayce feel like he’d been mauled…in the way he liked. His sphincter clenched.

Wes pushed his way inside, jaw set. Jayce backed away, watching through narrowed eyes as Wes closed the door softly then met his gaze.

“Is it your plan to torment me?” Wes spoke in a low tone, never taking his eyes off Jayce’s face.

“Excuse me?’ Jayce moved to cross his arms over his chest then remembered the towel. His fingers flexed. “How am I tormenting you?” This was rich.

Pulling down the neck of his sweater, Wes exposed his neck. The bright red bruise decorated the raised skin, looking almost like a bug bite. His bite. He’d wanted to leave his mark so Wes and anyone else would see. Looking at him now made his palms itch to grab Wes and bite him all over, decorate his entire body with his marks.

“Were you trying to prove something with that stunt last night?” Even though Wes hadn’t raised his voice, anger flashed in the depths of his eyes and poured off him in waves.

Jayce curled his lips in a smirk. “I have nothing to prove to anyone.”

Wes eyes said he thought otherwise, but instead he said, “I don’t want you anywhere near me ever again.” He turned toward the door. “And stay away from Dom, do you understand me?”

Jayce saw red. “Who the fuck are you, his father? Don’t tell me what to do, I’ll do whatever the hell I want.” God, he sounded like a petulant teenager.

Wes swung back to face him. “Stay away from me and Dom, Jayce.” His voice shook and his fists clenched. “I’m warning you.”

Jayce barked a laugh and raised an eyebrow. “Or what?” He moved into Wes’ space. “Let me tell you something, Wes. I don’t give a motherfuck about Richie Rich.” He sneered. “Dominic doesn’t matter to me, because I know he doesn’t matter to you. I know when you’re with him you’re thinking of me. You’re wishing I was the one pounding into your ass.”

Wes’ jaw dropped and his eyes glazed over. His lower lip trembled and Jayce kept pushing, because he wanted Wes out of control and off balance as he was.

“I see through your bluff, Wes. I know Dominic is just a poor man’s substitute—your substitute—for me.”

Wes’ hand shot out. Jayce barely made out the blur as pain exploded in his head, his teeth clicked, and he tasted blood. His head snapped to the side under the force of the blow.

“You left, you son of a bitch!”

Jayce blinked. Nostrils flared, face red, eyes wide and wet, Wes raged at him.

“You left and now you have the fucking nerve—” He swept his gaze over Jayce body covered in only the towel. “You want to know what I gave Dom? What you ran away from?” He dropped to his knees.

Jayce’s heart stuttered. Wes. Words froze in his lungs.

Angry fingers pulled away the towel, cupping his wet-tipped prick with a warm, but less than gentle hold. Heat raced through his body, weakening his limbs, thawing out his lungs enough for a ragged moan to escape.

Heavy pants filled the room as Wes stroked him, jerking his cock from root to tip, thumb dipping into the slit. A hot palm cupped his balls and Jayce threw his head back, squeezing his eyes shut as his hips moved.

He shouldn’t…he couldn’t. But it was Wes’ hands on him. For Wes’ touch he could do anything.

“Look at me.”

He obliged the harsh command, opening his eyes and staring down. Wes’ blue gaze clashed with his, but where they were cold before only fire blazed, blue needy flames fanning his own arousal.

“Watch me. Watch what I did to him.” Wes leaned forward, his gaze burning Jayce as he opened his mouth and swallowed him down.

Sound gurgled in Jayce’s throat. He couldn’t breathe under the onslaught of pleasure, but he could watch. Fisting his hands at his sides, he watched as Wes bobbed, taking his cock to the back of his throat. Those lips stretched around his thickness was amazing, the tongue swirling around his sensitive head was even more amazing.

Wes took him deep, nose pressed against Jayce’s groin as he hummed. The vibrations ran down his length and tickled his spine, drawing up his balls. Mouth open, Jayce panted.

He wanted to pour his cum down Wes’ throat, but he didn’t want it to end.

Wes released him with a pop, working him with his hands as he spoke, never breaking eye contact. “He loves when I suck him, when I take him deep.” Tapping Jayce’s wet crown against his cheek, Wes smiled. “He loves coming down my throat and watching me swallow.” He shifted, taking Jayce inside again.

This time Jayce cried out. This time the anger warred with the pleasure and he bucked. Wes’ throat contracted around him as he gagged. Jayce kept thrusting, fucking Wes’ mouth with his cock as harsh groans filled the room. He rammed himself down Wes’ throat again and again, fighting to wipe away the memory and taste of any other man.

Specifically that man.

Fingers sank into his ass cheeks, pulling him closer and deeper into Wes. Jayce locked his knees and buried his hand in Wes’ silky, blond locks. They stared each other down, neither willing to look away as Wes pleasured him.

Saliva dripped off his chin, those sexy whimpers sounding the air as he bobbed his head again and again. His tongue swiped over Jayce’s cock head then dipped to the underside, tracing the ridge with infinite slowness.

Fuck me.

The orgasm swirled at the base of his spine, growing hotter and wider as Wes thumbed his balls, squeezing and rolling.

“Ugh…Wes…gonna…” He found his voice, or what was left of it because he wasn’t making sense.

Wes understood him, those blue eyes encouraging him to come, to let go as Wes sealed his lips tighter around him. The younger man hollowed his cheeks, sucking with purpose, and Jayce surrendered.

The orgasm tore through him, drawing a roar from his hoarse throat as his eyesight dimmed. He slammed his hips forward, his seed shooting out into…the air.

Wes’ mouth was no longer on him. Jayce registered the absence in the back of his mind as he sank to his knees, hand gripping and pulling on his cock as he emptied himself on the stained wood floors.

He stayed there, the cold floor digging into his knees until the sound of rushing blood subsided from his ears. Lifting his gaze to Wes’ he flinched. The cold aloofness was back and he hated it.

“What Dominic got, you’ll never get,” Wes said softly. He got to his feet smoothly, brushing a lock of hair away from his eyes.

Jayce shuddered at the loss as Wes turned his back and walked out.



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  1. Kelly G says:

    Payback’s a bi*ch, isn’t it? Sounds yummy…

  2. Nancy S says:

    Woo, fanning myself. I have to get this one.

  3. pc says:

    wow…hot excerpt…thanks for sharing!

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